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Listen To My Truth (Two Poems) By Cornelia Vincent


You seem to exist in a different world than I.

–and so I felt that maybe... just maybe if I read a little poetry, and saw a fine picture every day of my life, laughed a little more often, I could jump right into your world.

I found out you recited spoken poetry every Friday at night in a pub just downtown. The people adored you, I noticed.

They had asked about the muse in your poems. You had said your love for her was like a comet– she gave off the brightest light when in contact with a warm atmosphere. The love you said, had shined brighter when you met her.

–and because I wanted to feel loved by you, I settled for loving you from afar... Because I knew I could never be like the muse in your poems. Not once had I shone, because if I had, you would have noticed me.

So maybe I can't jump right into your world after all.

In between hurt and jealousy, I dangled in pain. Silently hoping that somehow, you would notice me and offer to help me down, that you would reach out to wipe my tears, but I knew better.

It didn't stop me from loving you though. Amidst all of this, I loved you more. Having jumped into your world— even knowing you wouldn't be waiting at the rear to catch me— being this close satisfied me more.

And I wondered if you would listen if I told you I visited your favourite gallery every weekend just so I could understand better. If I told you I watched more comedy clips just so I could laugh more often and thought it would make me just as hearty as you.

I wanted to be right for you, to fit right in. To be the muse in your poems, to be the one you told the audience at the pub about instead.

That in between those moments, you had become my truth. A reason to be happy to be awakened by the first sunrise.

Little did I know...

The audience cheered you on, begging you to stay, to know more about your muse. Even they loved her.

–just then, at that very moment—you looked my way and smiled...


How is it that every day, I see your smile rising in the wind?

-and when I think you are not there, I look up to find you dancing with the stars. Never failing to leave within me, a leaping fire.

I always thought you were a physical manifestation of my universe— everything I wanted to be put into one body. You were home to me. My favourite place to go when my heart sought comfort.

Love they say leads us somewhere, and maybe that was why I found your poems.

The one you wrote to one who owned your heart— to me.

You had always wanted me to listen to your truth, but right now I can only hope YOU LISTEN TO MY TRUTH.

I wish to tell you that I have always loved you, and I always will. That you are the reason I write— you are my poems, and every piece has, and always will be about you.

Love they say always leads us somewhere, and it has led me right to you— YOU are my truth.

About The Poet

Cornelia Vincent is from Nigeria. A 21 years old and a final year student of one of the most prestigious universities in Nigeria, although right now, she is studying political science, but she plans to pursue another degree in English and literary studies. She fell in love with poetry in elementary school. She thought Daffodils by William Words worth is one of the most beautiful things she had ever read, and wondered how someone had beautifully written about flowers. The imagery was perfect she thought, for she never failed to imagine every scenery and mention of nature.

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