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One Poem By Adekoyejo Tayo


Life never waited for itself to be duly announced.

It became anxiety in me as I grew.

For now and then, I was told: "When you grow older."

At first, I was devoid of what people meant.

Every night, I slept with the hope of waking up older.

I began to question what will happen if one gets older?

Was I being protected from something?

"Wait till you're older."

With time, no one had to explain anything to me.

I now understood death,

I now understood pain.

I now understood what the world hid from me.

I thought I understood it all,

until fate and destiny became questions.

I wanted to know what tomorrow holds.

Why did I have to wait this long to come to the realization

that no one really grows older?

Unto a night I heard a whisper in my ears;

you'll know when you grow older.

About The Poet

Adekoyejo Adetayo Emmanuel is a 400level student of Obafemi Awolowo University studying Dramatic Arts. He is a Nigerian, and was born in December 22nd, 1996. He stays at Osun State, Nigeria and finished his secondary education in 2013 in Zion Baptist High school and since then, he has been into creative writings which include poetry.

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