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Poem by Ifeoluwa Peter

Updated: Sep 27, 2019


There are hurricanes that

do not destroy us once,

some switch their course

and wait till dawn

when we rise to find hope

in burnt laughter.

I mean those

with jumbled sounds.

I know my mind is

a haunted crypt

for lucky shadows who

found healing in death,

but when this storm

chooses to engulf my mind

with obsessed memories

of broken things,

I trade myself

into many bodies

& I shall not die alive.

About The Poet

Oyekunle Ifeoluwa Peter is an award winning poet and spoken word artiste. His poems have been featured in Kalahari Review, Ace world Magazine, etc. and several anthologies which include Rage, Deep Dreams, Scarlet Anatomy, I burn Incense Before I sleep, The Feat, Late Night Blues, Vowels under Duress among several others. Whenever he is not writing poems or performing poetry on cold evenings, he is either teaching chemistry to random kids or finding home in piano keys.

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